We are looking for undergraduate students to join our project titled “TV Series: A Comparative Perspective: From Geopolitics to Geocriticism Serbia and Turkey” supported by TÜBİTAK 2559-TÜBİTAK MOESTD (Serbia Ministry of Education, Science, and Technological Development) Bilateral Cooperation Call.

The project examines the geopolitics of the Balkan region and the geopolitical relations of Serbia and Turkey. Serbia and Turkey with shared geographies and histories and cultures in the Balkans will be approached in this study on the basis of the emotions embedded in TV series, and the referentiality to real and imaginary places that were read through them. The focus is on the case studies of four genre pairs from Turkey and Serbia. The national imaginary and cultural imagination that is constructed, changed, and transferred through the drama contents in both countries and its reception; the national and transnational identities, representation of the past and the everyday life; in general, how the geopolitics of TV series work articulated in the emerging notion of geocriticism (Maoz Azaryanh & Kenneth E. Foote: 2008; Westphal 2011; M.L. Ryan: 2012).

Candidates with an interdisciplinary level of education and experience will be preferred. Since the student will take an active role in the focus group study of the project, candidates who have knowledge about this method will be preferred.

The student who will work on the project should be;
• Competent in team organization,
• Have high work discipline and professional ethics,
• Proficient in MS Office and basic computer software,
• Have a sufficient level of English to write academic articles,
• Must be residing in Istanbul.

The student who will take part in the project will be paid a total of 1,750 TL/monthly scholarship (TÜBİTAK scholarship fee of 1,250 TL, and a contribution for KHAS students from Kadir Has University of 500 TL)

Candidates who want to apply for the project should send their English CV, letter of intent, and level of English to Prof. Dr. G. Deniz Bayrakdar (denizb@khas.edu.tr).