Prof.Dr. Gülümser Deniz Bayrakdar is professor at Kadir Has University, Communications Faculty, Radio, Television and Cinema Department. She has served as dean (2006-2012) and vice rector at Kadir Has University (2006-2012), at Bahçeşehir University (2001-2004), as founding department chair Cinema and Television Department Istanbul Bilgi University (1999-2001), and established Middle East Technical University, Audio-Visual Systems Research and Production Center (1992-1996) has acted as the director of the center.

She organized the conference New Directions in Turkish Cinema, and has published fifteen volumes thereof (1998-2019). She is the Chair of the Communication Committee and Executive Board Member at Unesco Turkish National Commission.

She has published and co-edited volumes on media and gender and mediated identities.

Her recent editions are:

  • (2020) “Migrant Women In Turkish German and New Turkish Cinema”. The International Encyclopedia of Gender, Media, and Communication. Edited by Karen Ross. New York: Wiley-Blackwell.
  • (2017) “Places and People of Irregular Migration in Turkish Cinema.” Communication for All, Deniz Bayrakdar and Ozlem Avcı. Ankara. Grafiker.
  • (2017) “Spectacle Mirrored in Turkish Cinema: Fairground, Circus and Theater.” Journal of the Institute of Theatre, Film, Radio and Television, Belgrade, no. 32.
  • (2017) Communication for All. Edited by Deniz Bayrakdar and Ozlem Avci. Turkish National Commission for UNESCO, Ankara.
  • (2017) Audio-Visual Heritage Conference “It’s Your Story, Don’t Lose It.” Turkish National Commission for UNESCO. İstanbul: Bağlam Publishers
  • (2017) Communication for All. Turkish National Commission for UNESCO.
  • (2014) New Cinema, New Media. (M. Akser, D. Bayrakdar).
  • (2009) Cinema and Politics, Turkish Cinema and the New Europe. (D. Bayrakdar)

Prof Dakovic and Prof Bayrakdar have a cooperation past going back to 1995. They have been selected to the Salzburg Seminar on “Do Films Matter? The Artistic, Political and Moral Impact of Film’, Austria, 4-11.1994 The collegial encounter from 1994 have resulted in several academic and cultural activities on both sides. Prof. Bayrakdar (Derman) has realized a series of publications on Media Studies through the European Union Med Campus Project A#126.

Her project experiences are as follows:

  • Communication Expert. (19.09.2014-19.09.2016) “Gender Equality in Education”. British Council, European Union and Ministry of National Education.
  • Communication Expert. (March 2014) Technical Assistance for Improving the Quality of Vocational Education and Training in Turkey Project. British Council, European Union and Ministry of National Education.
  • Communication Expert (2013-2104). “Increasing Enrollment Rates Especially For Girls”. European Union and Ministry of National Education.
  • (2007-2008) “Reception of the Outdoor Visuals of Istanbul Municipality”. Istanbul Metropolitian Municipality.
  • (1992-1997). Med-Campus Programı Project # A126 ‘Communication Studies & Video Production’.
  • Coordinator in Turkey: (1995-1996) ‘News Analysis in the Media’.(Centre of Mass Communications Research, University of Leicester and University of Northern Carolina, Chapel Hill.
  • Coordinator in Turkey (MNC Countries): (1994-1995). Med-Campus Program. Project # C155 ‘Women Producers & Managers in Media’.
  • (1988-1990) European Institute for the Media, University of Manchester ‘Channel E’ Broadcasting. Open Education Faculty, Eskişehir.
  • Coordinator (1987-1990). ‘Zeit für Deutsch’ Klagenfurt Üniversitesi, Austria and Anadolu University, German Language Programs, Open Education Faculty, Eskişehir.