Nebojša Romčevićborn, magisterial and doctoral degree in Theatrology at Faculty for Drama, Radio, Film and Television in Belgrade. At the same Faculty he teaches History of south-Slavic theatre, Modern methods of drama analysing (master studies), History and Ideology of Sitcom (doctoral studies). Aside academic career, he was Head of Drama of National Theatre in Belgrade, Artistic director of Musical & comedy theatre in Belgrade, Head of Commission at Film Centre of Serbia in all categories (Film production, Project development and Script development, Executive producer and Showrunner at PRVA TV (Antenna Group, Greece) for serial programing, Script doctor on countless movies and series in Serbia and abroad.


  • Living in Cemetery Street
  • Like a leaf
  • Forces in the air

TV SERIALS (author)

  • Penalty aria, sitcom, 24 eps (RTS)
  • Roommates, sitcom 4 eps (RTS)
  • Love, habit, panic, sitcom, 68 eps (TV PINK)
  • Operation Caiman, comedy, 24 eps (TV NOVA-Croatia)
  • On the Beautiful Blue Danube, 24 eps (RTV)
  • Who’s at Koja’s, comedy show, 12 eps (RTS)
  • Agnus Dei, drama/thriller/comedy 6 eps, (preproduction), HBO
  • Hotel Balkan I, drama, 60 eps (RTS)
  • Hotel Balkan II, drama, 60 eps (work in progress)
  • TV SERIALS (co-writer)
  • Good intentions, (18 out 62 eps) crime drama, HRT
  • The Scent of Rain in Balkans, 12 eps, RTS
  • Champions of the World, 12 eps, drama, RTS


  • Cordon
  • At the beautiful Blue Danube
  • We’ll be Champions of the World
  • The Flock (a.k.a. The Heard)